The Top 6 Unconventional Mobile Devices for Music

MP3 players are not the only mobile device that can play music. Now cell phones, video game consoles, even alarm clocks can playback your digital library. Here are our top 6 mobile devices that will help take your favorite music with you (listed from smallest to largest), wherever you go:


Mai Coffee Cup Portable Speaker ($19.99)

Mai Coffee Cup Portable Speaker

You want a music player at work, but it is against company policy. Do you settle for running your headphones underneath your collared shirt or hoodie? Cyanics offers a fashion sensitive solution. Under the guise as your morning cup of joe, the Mai Coffe Cup Portable Speaker is a compact speaker that connects to MP3 players. Two audio jacks (one inside, one outside) allow smaller MP3 players to be concealed inside the mug, hiding your listening habits. The rechargeable battery offers up to 6 hours of music play back, and can be charged from your computer directly with a USB cable. The sound quality has surprising fidelity, and will suffice for an office environment.


Walletex Wallet MP3 ($55.00)

Walletex Wallet MP3

Walletex’s Wallet MP3 Player is the world’s slimmest USB music player that fits in your wallet.  A double sided USB connector allows users to download files, charge the unit, and listen to music files. Walletex will even customize your MP3 with original graphic art. Plus, the unit is water resistant guarding your player from coffee accidents. You can pick up the 4 GB model for $55.00 or 8 GB for $79.00. Customizable MP3 players slightly go up in price.


Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock ($69.99)

Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock

You want a mobile music player. Well, how about one that walks and runs on its own? The Tocky Runaway Alarm Clock rolls and bounces around when users program a wake-up time. For those sleepyheads who have trouble rising every morning, users can also upload MP3s or record their own custom messages that will playback upon wake-up: “hey you! Your grandmother is coming to visit at nine!” The sound quality is treble heavy and sounds tiny but for those looking for a compact gadget that will a make a humorous travel companion are sure to adore Tocky.


SanDisk Sansa slotRadio ($99.99)

SanDisk Sansa slotRadio

Want a mobile music player with little start-up? The SanDisk Sansa slotRadio is the solution! The player comes with 1,000 songs and predetermined playlists organized by genre and decade. Users may play their own music with micro-SD cards but will find they are unable to store these songs on an internal memory. An austere interface enables immediate playback: simply turn on the device to initiate play. The interface allows users to skip forward, but individual cannot pause, play or skip backwards. For 99.99, this device and its one thousand songs, is a great introduction to mobile music players for the technologically uninspired.


PSPgo ($199.00)


The PSPgo is a conflation of portable gaming and digital media. Unlike predecessors in the PSP family, the PSPgo offers an additional convenience for portability – it is disc free. Thus players can download PSP and PSPone games from play station’s online store, or upload digital media with a flash stick to the 16 GB internal memory. The touch screen makes for a flashy alternative to the iPod touch.


Samsung Vibrant ($579.99)

Samsung Vibrant

A phone and more, the Samsung Vibrant houses impressive specs for digital media. For those looking for a device with competitive video play back, look no further. With a super amyloid touch screen, support for 16 million colors, WVGA resolution, a 16 GHZ processor, and heck, even a free copy of Avatar, the Vibrant is the apogee of video and music phones.

The items listed provide a solid overview of mobile devices that will support your digital library. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many companies are now incorporating music playback into novel items like backpacks, GPS systems, and yes even flame-less candles. What gadgets would like to see that would be digital music compatible? Perhaps a skateboard? Or lawn-chair with an Ipod docking bay? Share your ideas below.

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