Love Your Music eBook -- Now on Barnes & Noble's

I'm pleased to announce that Love Your Music - how to always listen to music you love by harnessing today's music technology is now available on Barnes & Nobles's

Love Your Music eBook

In addition to the new Kindle version of the Love Your Music eBook I announced last week, there is also a new ePub-format version that is custom-formatted and laid out specifically for devices like Barnes & Noble's Nook eReader, Google Android devices and Apple iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad (see a complete list of ePub devices). If you don't have a Nook or other eReader, you can still buy it from and read it on your computer using ePub software software like Calibre.

One of the reviews on

I acquired most of my music in the 90s, back when people first started using digital music. I had music in lots of different file formats and a lot of files with incomplete information (like missing artist name, genre, etc). As a result, it was hard to find the music I wanted to listen to. Love Your Music showed me how to clean up my music collection. Now I listen to what I want quickly and easily.


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