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How would you like to win a free copy of the Love Your Music eBook, a Spotify invite or $10 in credit on Amazon MP3?

The winner of my Best Comment contest will have their choice of one of those prizes. The way it works is simple. Just post a comment on this blog, the Love Your Music Facebook page, Tweet at Love Your Music, or otherwise comment on something I post or send me somthing interesting. I will collect the best comments over the next two weeks, post them on this blog and then pick the winning Best Comment in two weeks on Tuesday, September 13.

So, what kind of comments am I looking for?

  • Interesting comments about a blog post or link I share.
  • Tell me something I don't know. Share a new website or music app.
  • An interesting question.

A great place to start adding comments is my blog from yesterday, Spotify: Free + Social = Game Changer.

Good luck and thanks for your comments!

Your perfect radio station

What would your perfect radio station look like? It would probably include you favorite music along with news on your interests, sports reports about your favorite team and weather from your area all without any commercials. It certainly wouldn't look like commercial radio with it's tiny number of tracks in rotation and lots of ads. But it also wouldn't be your portable media player, which only plays music and the occasional podcast. While driving and traveling I end up listening to my portable media player and when I am at my desk I listen my music collection on my computer. That's great for listening to music, but find I can end up feeling disconnected from daily events when I don't listen to the news. Enter new website The idea behind it is simple -- a radio station that is tailored for you; your music, your news, your region, your interests and do it without any commercials. 
I've been playing around with BYO for over a month and while it isn't perfect yet, it is good and I listen to it regularly. In fact, the idea makes so much sense, yet seems so simple and straightforward that I wish I would have come up with it first!

YouTube adds music discovery features

YouTube has lots of music content, but until now they haven't given music first class treatment. YouTube treated music videos the same way it treated a video of a skateboarding dog or the grape stomp lady. That just changed with the launch of the YouTube Music Discovery Project.

You can now type in the name of an artist or song and YouTube will build you a video playlist that includes the artist/song you searched for and similar artists/songs. It will also show you artist bios.

How to go from Raffi to Cannibal Corpse in just two clicks!

GrokMusic is a very cool site for seeing how artists are related to each other. I found out about them today over on the Digital Noise blog. GrokMusic shows a visual map of artists near similar artists. If I type in "The White Stripes", a band that I like, it shows a map with The Strokes and The Pixies who I also like. It also suggested a band called Placebo, who I had never heard before. I listened to a few of their tracks and I liked them. Cool! A way to find new artists I like.

Besides helping you find new music, GrokMusic can also help you try my new favorite hobby: connecting completely different artists to each other a la Six degrees of Kevin Bacon.

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